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Quentin Devers: A history of Ladakh through its archaeological remains

Středa 7. 12. 2016, 17:30

Jinřišská 27, místnost 2 (2. patro)

Srdečně zveme na přednášku přibližující nové archeologické nálezy v Ladaku

Quentin Devers (CNRS, Paris)

A history of Ladakh through its archaeological remains

Ladakh, a region of Tibetan culture in Northern India, is one of the most rugged, elevated and driest places in the world. Yet, it shelter a rich and vivid archaeological heritage: its valleys are scattered with fortresses built on top of steep reliefs, with temple ruins at the verge of fertile oases, with ancient cultic sites on desertic plateaux, etc. Far from being obstacles cutting the region off from the rest of the world, these high mountains have since times immemorial represented fantastic corridors travelled by merchants and armies from varied origins. Tibetans, Turks, Mongols, Kashmiris and bandits of all kinds fought battles in these lands, in a struggle to control their prosperous trade routes and precious resources. It is this rich and little known history that you will discover through a visual panorama of the remains of Ladakh.

Quentin Devers is an archaeologist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research. He carries out extensive surveys in Ladakh to study its rich heritage. He completed a PhD about the fortresses of the region at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris), for which he was awarded a prize by the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris.

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